Me2. 100% Stuck In Plastic.
Lady Red

Me2. 100% Stuck in Plastic

Full time adventurer, photographer, artist, legographer, entrepreneur, brick collector, Lego fashionista and Master Builder of my own Universe.
  • Pink™

    Pink crashed The Studio today and all we got was this quick selfie of her ...

  • The Shire

    We find Darth in the middle of The Shire on his bike riding along. Is he meeting the mysterious wonder woman ?

  • The Red Light District

    Boba is driving full speed ahead with the mysterious letter safely tucked away, when mayhem is about to break loose ...

  • Lady Red

    Lady Red is meeting Sir Fett. A mysterious letter is involved. Is this the beginning of a romance or is an adventure about to start ?

  • Touchdown

    A stadium filled to the knock, the crowd cheering and number twelve going for touchdown !

  • Casper

    When walking outside last night I heard a friendly creepy sound coming from somewhere high up. I took me a while before I realized that Casper was locked up in the attic of the Mansion, and was eagerly looking for someone to help him escape and take part in Halloween.

  • To Read or Not To Read

    Sir Frank Stein is facing the existential question of reading the letter or not ... Count Dracula asked me to hand over the invitation personally to Frank and when I gave the letter to him, I could see that he was in turmoil. Halloween is fast approaching, and maybe you also got an invite that put you into turmoil. Let me know in the comment section below (or just click the image) what you think Frank should do !

  • The Phantom Of The Opera

    I had the great pleasure of meeting Lady Padme Admidala in the Peking Opera. A most interesting experience to meet royalty in such special occasion today.

  • Sir Scarecrow™

    Exploring the dungeons of the Isle of Avalon is a scary adventure. When I was there with Sir Scarecrow in the summer I felt my explorations of the Death Star were a walk in the park ... Lots of mystery is still not resolved in the dungeons of Avalon. Looking for a great print to adore the walls of any boys castle ? Sir Scarecrow is just perfect for you ...